Welcome to Gabriel Ranch

Gabriel Ranch is located in Grand Saline, TX, where we began our journey producing high quality Angus genetics. Since the beginning it has been a goal to not only improve each calf crop, but the industry as a whole. Please join us in our mission, and feel free to contact us anytime.

There’s a difference between good and GREAT.


At Gabriel Ranch calves are produced via embryo transfer and artificial insemination with numerous goals in mind. Selecting for sound structure and overall phenotype take high priority. These traits, partnered with growth and performance, fertility, and carcass help ensure the performance and longevity of Gabriel Ranch cattle.

Registered animals are DNA tested for parent verification. This provides percentile ranks for 18 different important production and economic traits for things like calving ease, growth, fertility, and carcass traits. This ensures we are providing our customers with specific and detailed information for traits desired most in their operations.